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Art Institute and Others
معهد فن وغيره
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    Art Institute and Others

       The Titles of Art Institute and Others     
عناويين مواضيع معهد فن وغيره، بالعربية The Titles of Art Institute and Others, in Arabic
   1. Web Site, Andree Zouein Foundation
   2. Web Site, GIGI L'AMOROSO / Gilberte Zouein Fashion
  3. Web Site, Josette Zoueïn, psychoanalysis clinical psychology
   4. Web Site, Carlos Slim Helu:  Mexican,  Engineer, Richest man of the Word, Lebanese immigrant - in Spanish, English & Arabic
  5. Web Site, Saadeh Bejjane Architecture, tel - 03-396959
  6. Hermez Steel, Steel  Decor Artwork, Web Site
Basilica Architecture, in the Cross Shape Architecture d'un Basilique    تصميم هندسي لكاتدرائية على شكل صليب

      ميتيورا، أديرة معلقه في السماء على حآفة الجبال بالعربية         Meteora monasteries, 'columns of the sky', in Arabic
       الجبل المقدس، اديرة جبل اتوس في اليونان بالانكليزية         The Holy Mount, Monasteries of M.  Athos in Greece, in English
       11 كنيسة منحوتة في الصخر، في لاليبلا في اثيوبيا          LALIBELA in ETHIOPIA, in English
the bible in Amharic language Text files - 6.93 MB Pdf file            download
       The 11 Monoletic Rock Hewn Churches of St.Lalibela in Ethiopia
1.  Christianity in Ethiopia - in  English, French  & Arabic ( المسيحية في إثيوبيا )
2 LALIBELA is Center of Pilgrimage
3  Ethiopian Christian Art - Crosses, Icons, Paintings, Monasteries ...
4.  LALIBELA, Land of 11 monolithic Churches (Beites)
4.1.  "the Western Group, Site Plan, Biete Giyorgis, LALIBELA"
4.2.  the Eastern Group of Churches, Site Map
1.  "Biete Amanuel, LALIBELA"
2.  "Biete Qeddus Mercoreus, LALIBELA"
3.  "Biete Abba Libanos , LALIBELA"
4.  "Biete Gabriel-Rufae, LALIBELA"
5.  "Biete Lehem, LALIBELA"
4.3.  the Northern Group of Churches, Site Map
1.  "Biete Medhane Alem, LALIBELA"
2.  "Biete Maryam, LALIBELA"
3.  "Biete Golgotha Mikael , LALIBELA"
4.  "Biete Meskel, LALIBELA"
5.  "Biete Denagel, LALIBELA"
The 11 Monoletic Rock Hewn Churches of St.Lalibela in Ethiopia Text files - 56 MB zip file            download
       ]دراسة في الطاقة الشمسية بالانكليزية         the SOLAR Energy Study in english
      اهلا وسهلا في لبنان         Welcome to Lebanon - 10  Subjects                              
       تاريخ عائلة ال زوين اللبنانية         Zouein, Zouain, Zwein, Zwain or Zuwain family ... - 27 Subjects, Trees & History
Saint Sharbel
Histories & Events, more then 26 Subjects about Zouein Family
1 Zouein family Tree 1600 ... 2000 - Ar
2 Zouein family Tree, 1600 ... 2000 - En
3 Musa Zouein family Tree,  1850 ... 2001, Dominican republic - En.
4 Chucri Seman Zouein family Tree,  1896 ... 2003 - En & Ar.
5 Zouein,  Zouain, Zwein and Zwain, in USA - En
6 Zouein family History, 1696 ... 1995, in Lebanon - Ar
7 Zouein family History, 1887 ... 1992, in Brazil - En
8 Zouein family in England
9 Members of Zouein family  in Lebanon - Ar
10 Properties of Zouein family in Lebanon - Ar     [ الاوقاف الذرية ]
11 لائحة بعقارات دير مار روحانا البقيعة الخاص بعائلة ال زوين، بحسب جداول وزارة المالية اللبناية - Ar
12 Chefs of the Monasteries St Jirjis and St Rouhana - Ar
13 Lifes of Saints Rouhana & Jirjis - Ar
14 Josette ZOUEIN (Psychologue, psychanalyste) - En
15 Bishop Semaan Zouein, 1770 ... 1848 - Ar
16 Professor Geryes Zouein, 1830 ... 1892 - Ar
17 Monsignor Louis Zouein I, 1830 ... 1892 - Ar
18 Monsignor Louis Zouein 2, 1870 ... 1950 - Ar
19 Georges Beik Zouein, 1865 ... 1952 - Ar
20 Maurice Beik Zouein, 1898 ... 1985 - Ar
21 General Simon Zouein, 1905 ... 1995 - Ar
22 Patriach of Rio, Zouain Zouain, 1911 ... 1974 - En
23 Father Naji Yousef Zouein, 1961 .. .2013
15-  Professor (Almoallem) Geryes Zouein(1830-1892) and Bishop Seman Zouein, 1770-1848
16-  Properties of Zouein family in Lebanon, the Monasteries St Jirjis and St Rouhana ...
*  Four Letters to Pope Vatican (Pope Francis), about Zouein Properties
18-  Zouein, Zouain, ..., Zwein, Zwain Family Tree in Arabic
19-  Zouein, Zouain, ..., Zwein, Zwain Family Tree in English
20-  Zouein, Zouain, Zuain Family Tree in Brazil
21-  Zouein, Zouain, Zuain Family Tree in Argentina
22-  Zouein,  Zouain, Zwein,Zwain families in USA and England
23-  Musa (Moises) Zouain Tree, Dominican Republic, 5 generations, 1850 - 2001  in English
24-  Chucri (Choukralla) Seman Zouein Tree, the Descendants, 1896 - 2003 in Arabic
25-  Chucri (Choukralla) Seman Zouein Tree, the Descendants, 1896 - 2003 in English
 Zouein, Zouain,  Zwein, Zwain, ...,
Around the World

   1- New design Sites - Web Sites
      كارلوس سليم حلو مكسيكي، اغنى اغنياء العالم، من اصل لبناني   Carlos Slim Helu, Mexican, Richest man of the Word, ...
  Carlos Slim Helu, Mexicana, hombre que era rico ( $ 74,000,000,000), de origen libanés  
Museo Soumaya   

1   Carlos Slim Helu : Mexican,  Engineer, Richest man of the Word, Lebanese immigrant
2  Carlos Slim Helu new design site, size 77 MB, in English & Spanish & Arabic Languages
 Pages Titles in English & Arabic Languages:  Pages Titles of  spanish Language:
4   There could be many rich people who only care about themselves and not other people. There is one man who was rich (who has over $74,000,000,000), but didn't care about himself, he cared about other people. He just has a regular house and no limo. He donated millions of dollars to schools in Mexico (which is were he lives today). Many people might not know about him, but you will learn about him when you read all these paragraphs.That person is
   Carlos Slim Helu : Mexican,  Engineer, Richest man of the Word, Lebanese immigrant
5   "I'm proud to be LEBANESE ...",    Carlos Slim Helu
6   Go to Carlos Slim Helu Site.  new design
7   www.puresoftwarecode.com/0-CS-Home.htm
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 FLASH - ANIMATION in English  Apparitions of  Virgin Mary - Ar  Christianity in Turkey in Arabic  YAHCHOUCH, my Lebanese Village
 PLAY, 5 GAMES   Neocatechumenal Way  Prononce English and French and Arabic Letters  ZOUEIN, my Family - History & Trees
 HERMEZ Steel, Steel  Decor Artwork  Holy BIBLE, for the Maronite Liturgical Year  Andree Zouein Foundation  
 SAADEH BEJJANE Architecture  Holy BIBLE, according to Maronite Calendar, (2023)  GIGI  L'AMOROSO Fashion and Jewellery   my PRODUCTS, and Statistiques ...
 CARLOS SLIM HELU Site.  new design  Holy BIBLE, Online Translation in 133 Languages  Josette Zoueïn. Psychanalyste Psychologue  REPORT, Cyber Attack Attacks this Site
       Chucri Simon Zouein, Computer engineer
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