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Saadeh Bejjane Architecture
Main Web Page           
  Home : Saadeh Bejjane Architecture Home
  1- Download, Saadeh Bejjane Architecture Web Site
Saadeh Bejjane Architecture Web Site
(3,35 MB zip file, 5 Web Pages) 
   2- Main Page, Saadeh Bejjane Architecture Web Site

Saadeh Bejjane Architecture Web Site Design

(3,35 MB zip file, 5 Web Pages)   download
   Plan of  this Web Site, 5 Pages:
    Page 1,  Saadeh Bejjane Architecture
    Page 2, Projects Under Construction
    Page 3, Projects Completed
    Page 4, Private Residences
    Page 4, Private Residences
 SAADEH BEJJANE Architecture Company  is present since many years as a family-owned general contractor,  building apartments and Real Estate. Today we have grown to become one of the largest general contractors in the Lebanon.
    Saadeh Bejjane Architecture, Office :
  Address:   Chaloub Building, 8th Floor, Jdeideh, Mont-Liban, Lebanon
  Tel:   Architect Tony Saadeh         00961-3-396959
   Engineer John Bejjane         00961-3-660902
  Email:   tja.faceme@gmail.com
    Note:     Please call ahead to ensure we are available to receive you.
1.    Projects Under Construction  
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2.    Projects Completed  
Ballouneh Kahaleh Building Owner Faissal Bejjani Beit Chaar Konaitra
3.    Private Residences  
4.    Architecture Styles  
   Solar Power System for home residential applications
This Electrical System consists:
  1. Input Source components:
    1. Solar Panels - converts sunlight into DC electricity
    2. Auxiliary energy sources: Ac grid input, diesel generator or other renewable energy sources
    3. battery bank - stores energy for supplying to electrical appliances when there is a demand
  2. Controller  + Inverter:  controller regulates the voltage and current coming from the Solar panels ...,  Inverter converts DC panels  into a clean AC ..
  3. Output Source:  electrical appliances - such as lights, radio, TV, computer, refrigerator, etc.
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