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The Church Maronite
 The Catholic Syrian Maronite Church
1 Life of Jesus Christ. Our Father - En & Fr & Ar
2 The Charity,  La Charité, المحبة - En & Fr & Ar
3 حضارة المحبة، حضارة القداسة والقديسين - Ar
4 Audio & Text, Mass Celebration of  Maronite Church
  Ar - الذبيحة الالهية فعل محبة
5 The Holy Mass Explained to Catalina - En & Fr
6 L'Adoration et L'Evangélisation - Fr
7 Presentation and Transfiguration of the Lord - En
8 Holidays of  the Lord - Jesus - Ar
9 Hieart of Jesus and  Misericordieu - Ar
عبادتي قلب يسوع الأقدس والرحمة الالهية
10 Twelve apostles of Jesus Christ - En & Fr & Ar
11 The Popes of the Roman Catholic Church - En
12 Synecdoce for Lebanon , P.  john Paul  2, 1997 - Ar
13 2 Patriarchal Maronite Synodoces 1881 & 2005 - Ar
14 The Maronites and Lebanon. Saint Maroun - En
15 The Patriach Maronite Letter 2010, Saint Maroun
16 The Liturgy of the Maronite Church
1 Liturgy of the Maronite Church - En
2 Ceremony Liturgical - Ar
3 Saint's Calendar in the Maronite Church - En
17 The Syrian Maronite Catholic Church, History - Ar
18 The Patriarchs of the Maronite  Church, En & Ar
19 Seminaire Saint Augustin, Church Maronite, Ar
20 Monks of Cross"& Nuns of  Jesus Crucified -Ar &En
21 70 Lebanese Christian magazines, Ar
  Life of Jesus Christ. Our Father, Notre Père, الصلاة الربانية - الابانا  
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  The Charity,  La Charité, المحبة - En, Fr & Ar  
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                                      The Bible, New Testament - Corinthians 1 - (Arabic,English, French)
 Audio & Text, the Mass Celebration of the Maronite Catholic Church  in arabic language
the Maronite Mass celebration in Arabic, Audio, rm & mp3 format
 Download this Maronite Mass
Audio, rm format Audio file, 10.8 MB,    download
Audio, mp3 format Audio file, 63.0 MB,    download
  • from the Virgin Mary (El-Saïdeh) Church - Fanar, el-Maten, Lebanon
  • Audio file, Arabic Language
  • Info ....
  • Note:
    The name of the Maronite Mass Celebration file, in rm format, is Mass55.rm 
    You Need the   RealPlayer to listen. -  Free download  Free download RealPlayer
       2-  The name of the Maronite Mass Celebration file, in mp3 format, is Mass555.mp3
2  Link - Online Audio, the Holy Mass Celebration of the Maronite Catholic Church in Arabic
 The Maronite Mass Text, in Arabic Arabic texts, 71 KB zip file   download
 The Mass .... في المشاركة بالذبيحة الالهية
الذبيحة الالهية فعل محبة Lebanon
The Holy Mass, explained to Catalina - En & Fr  
La Sainte Messe, Le témoignage de Catalina, stigmatisée
The Holy Mass, explained to Catalina by Jesus and Mary
English Texts - 240 KB zip file  download
  • “The Holy Mass,” in which Our Lord and Our Lady explain to Catalina what is really going on during the Mass in the spiritual realm, and how we should be more concentrated on the great mysteries that are taking place.
  • The testimony of Catalina on the Holy Mass
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La Sainte Messe, Le témoignage de Catalina, stigmatisée
French Texts - 330 KB zip file  download
  • Dans une merveilleuse catéchèse, le Seigneur et la Vierge Marie nous ont instruits sur la façon de prier le Rosaire en le faisant avec notre cœur,  où nous rencontrons Dieu et notre Sainte Mère.
  • Ils nous ont aussi instruits sur ce qui arrive pendant la Sainte Messe et comment le vivre avec nos cœurs.
  • Biographie de Catalina, Témoins de l'Amour et de l'Espérance
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L'Adoration et L'Evangélisation French Texts - 166 KB zip file  download
Pour évangéliser le monde, il faut des 'experts' en célébration, en adoration et en contemplation du l'Eucharistie
  • L'Evangélisation
    • à partir de l'Eucharistie
    • par/dans l'Eucharistie
    • pour l'Eucharistie
Communon Adoration
 Presentation and Transfiguration of the Lord - Jesus English Texts - 118 KB zip file  download
  • The church celebrates the feast of :
    • 2 February, Presentation of the Lord  - Jesus
    • 6 August, Transfiguration of Jesus
  • Information and Icons
  • English Texts, Html files
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Presentation Transfiguration
The Holidays of the Lord Jesus  - New Arabic Texts - 218 KB zip file  download
من اعياد الرب يسوع
  • The Transfiguration of the Lord
  • The glorification of the Holy Cross
  • Information, Icons, Arabic texts, Html files
  • 14 ايلول، ارتفاع الصليب المقدس
  • 6 آب، تجلّي الرب
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   The Hieart of Jesus and  Misericordieu, Download
Arabic Texts - 481 KB zip file  download       شرح مفصل عن عبادتي قلب يسوع الأقدس والرحمة الالهية
Link - Information about The Hieart of Jesus and The Misericordieu in Arabic
The twelve apostles of Jesus Christ
The names of the twelve apostles:

Simon who is called Peter,
Andrew his brother;
James the son of Zebedee,
John his brother;
Matthew the publican;
James the son of Alphaeus,
Simon the Canaanite,
Judas Iscariot who also betrayed him - Matthias was numbered with the eleven apostles.
    Les noms des douze apôtres :

Simon appelé Pierre,
son frère,
fils de Zébédée,
son frère,
le publicain,
fils d'Alphée,
Simon le Cananite,
l'Iscariot celui qui livra Jésus Matthias fut associé aux onze apôtres
  Popes of the Roman Catholic Church English Texts - (690 KB zip file)   download
  • Pope also bears the spiritual titles Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Patriarch of the West, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province and Servant of the Servants of God. Since 1929, the pope's temporal title has been Sovereign in the State of the Vatican City.
  • graphical list of Popes of the Roman Catholic Church, from 25 to 2008
  • Lifes of  the first 20 Popes of the Roman Catholic Church - Biographies, pictures, history information ...
  • English  texts,  HTML files
The Synecdoce for Lebanon by Pope John Paul II - 1997 PDF files, Arabic Texts - 898 KB zip file    download
الارشاد الرسولي، رجاء جديد للبنان من قداسة البابا يوحنا بولس الثاني - 1997
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2 Patriarchal Maronite Synodoces, 1881 & 2005
The Patriarchal Maronite Synodoce, 2005 Arabic Texts - 2.75 MB zip file    download
  • To discover the Maronite heritage and traditions to consolidate the Maronite identity.
  •  To perform the required renewal in the ecclesiastical life.
  •  To confirm the unity of the Maronite church in the patriarchal territory and in the countries of expansion and its commitment toward its regional issues where it exists.
  •  A call for hope and adherence to faith and holding on to the message conveyed to all faithful despite their concerns.
  • Arabic Texts, Html files
The Patriarchal Maronite Synodoce, 1881 Arabic Texts - 153 KB zip file  download
  • Maronite Synodoce,  Louaize 1818
  • History Document
  • PDF file, Arabic language
  • تعين كرسي ثابت لكل مطران
  • انشاء مدارس اكليركية
  • تعين 7 اديار للراهبات و6 للرهبان
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The Maronites and Lebanon - The Maronite Catholic Church
Maronite history is coloured with the romance that attaches itself to a struggle of a determined people. Most nations in their history often have to make a choice between confrontation or cooperation and time has shown us that minorities usually pay for their continued existence through deformation of character or out right collaboration.
The Maronite and Life of  Saint Maroun  - English Text Lebanon
The Patriach Maronite Letter 2010, Saint Marou, 1600 years Arabic Texts - 131 KB zip file  download
 رسالة بطريركية مارونية للبطريرك نصرالله بطرس صفير بمناسبة 1600 سنة على وفاة القديس مارون -  9 شباط 2010
  • The Patriach Maronite Letter - 9 fev 2010
  • Saint Marou, 1600 years
  • The Maronites - Church, Peuple, Lebanon ...
  • Icons and Arabic text, HTML file
  • مار مارون، شهادة إيمان ومسيرة شعب
  • مار مارون، القداسة، القديس.. والكنيسة
  • المارونيّة، كنيسةً النسّاك والقدّيسين ...
  • في المارونيّة، الوجدان والذاتيّة والهويّة
  • المارونيّة، هي الأرض .. ولبنان الميثاق
  • المارونيّة، مشروع حرية رمزها لبنان
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The Maronite Catholic Church, Liturgy and  Saint's Calendar
الكنيسة السريانية المارونية، بطريركية انطاكية وسائر المشرق
The Liturgy of the Maronite Church English Texts - 77 KB zip file  download
    The divine liturgy Link :  Maronite Patriarchal website
  • Preparation of the Gifts
  • Opening Hymn and Prayer
  • The Celebrant's Greeting and the Hymn of the Angels
  • The Prayer of Forgiveness
  • The Thrice Holy Hymn
  • The Reading of the Holy Scriptures
  • The Creed
  • The Procession of the Gifts
  • Acceptance of the Offerings
  • Commemorations
  • Incensation
  • Prayers and Exchange of Peace
  • English text, HTML file
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The Ceremony Liturgical,  Arabic Language Arabic Texts - 50 KB zip file  download
  • The Maronite Church
  • The Maronite ceremony liturgical
  • Information and Pictures
  • Arabic text, HTML file
  • الاحتفال الليتورجي او القداس الالهي
  • الاحتفال الليتورجي  في الكنيسة المارونية
  • شرح لليتورجيا وتطورها التاريخي
The Saint's Calendar in the Maronite Church English Texts - 293 KB zip file  download
  • The Maronite Calendar stores the feasts days of the Saints  in the Church
  • Information and Icons
  • English text, HTML file
Saint Joseph, to enlarge
The Syrian Maronite Catholic Church - New Arabic Texts - 1.29 MB zip file  download
الكنيسة السريانيّة المارونيّة الأنطاكيّة، جذورها
  • Saint Maroun  Places in  Halab - Syria
  • Study about these Places
  • Life of Saint Maroun
  • Arabic texts and Pictures, HTML files 
  • اماكن مار مارون في حلب، سوريا
  • دراسة لإحياء هذه الاماكن ورموزها
  • تأمّل في حياة مار مارون
  • العودة الى الجذور بعده المسكونيّ
  The Patriarchs of the Maronite Church, in English and Arabic
بطاركة الكنيسة السريانية المارونية
List of the Maronite Patriarchs, in English  لائحة باسماء بطاركة الكنيسة المارونية بالانكليزية
The Maronite Patriarchs since  685 - 2008, & list of 160 Patriarchs     English Texts - 287 KB zip file  download 
          List of theName of the 160 Maronite Patriarchs since  685 - 2008
Life of 14 Patriarchs of the Maronite Church English Texts - 117 KB zip file  download
Life of 14 Patriarchs of the Maronite Church, Since 1670 to 2008. in  English
             Names of 14 Patriarchs of the Maronite Church
Life of 24 Patriarchs of the Maronite Church Arabic Texts - 152 KB zip file  download
Life of 24 Patriarchs of the Maronite Church, Since 1670 to 2008. in  Arabic
             Names of 24 Patriarchs of the Maronite Church, Since 686 to 1854
4 Saints of Church - Maroun,
Charbel, Rafca and Hardini
Seminaire Saint Augustin  - Church Maronite - New Arabic Texts - 940 KB zip file  download
اكليركية مار اغوسطينوس التابعة للكنيسة المارونية، كفرا - عين سعادة، لبنان
  • Information à propos cette  Seminaire
  • la vie du St AUGUSTIN et sa mère St  Monika
  •  "le Savoir n'est pas objet de Connaissance, il est éveil aux Vérités de L'Éternelle Sagesse" - St AUGUSTIN
  • Arabic Texts,  HTML files
  • الاكلريكية، لمحة تاريخية ومعلومات عامة
  • حياة القديس اغوسطينوس ووالدته القديسة مونيكا
  • من اقوال اغوسطينس "احبب وافعل ما تشاء"
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Link :
"Monks of the Brothers of the Cross" and "Nuns of the Sisters of Jesus Crucified" - New
from the Immaculate Heart of Mary  - En & Ar
About these Monks and Nuns - "Monks of the Brothers of the Cross"  and  "Nuns of the Sisters of Jesus Crucified" from the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Arabic Texts - 942 KB zip file  download
English Texts - 839 KB zip file  download
  • Spirituality and Characteristics
  • Reality and Hope
  • Daily Life Nuns and Brothers
  • Arabic and English Texts, HTML files
70 Lebanese Christian magazines 
Multi languages infos - 1.29 MB zip file download
  • 70 Lebanese Christian magazines 
  • Information &  Magazines covers pictures
  • Arabic, French,and English infos, HTML files
The Cross, enlarge
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