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Personal Protective Equipment
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Echofab Protective Visor
Echofab Protective Visor -augmented version based on the open source Proto Shields model from Protohaven, equivalent in laser cutting of the PRUSA model.
First place of manufacture : Echofab
Objective : protection against Covid-19 disease
Creation date : April 1st, 2020

Personal Protective Equipment Face sheild parts  in Real Size

(2,8 MB jpg file - dimension: 3024x2929   )   download

 1- Introduction

Design revised and tested by Sacré Coeur Hospital, Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux du Nord-de-l'Île-de-Montréal as of 01/04/2020 Version that was co-designed with hospital users.


   Save as the Face sheild parts   in Real Size
  • click the "Pic F"
  • at the bar menu appers
  • click Save picture as ...
  • the dimension of picture Saved - (width="3024" height="2929"), the Real Size929")
Pic F.

2- Background

In response to a call from the Government of Canada, Quebec and the health network, Communautique, with its team and close collaborators, has begun production of a protective visor model for health care workers within its échofab Fab Lab.
The initiative to offer the production capacity of our échofab Fab Lab to serve the general interest and in particular that of health care workers, is part of the appeal of our Prime Minister of Canada, the Hon. Justin Trudeau, to promote the local reappropriation of the production of essential materials, including those necessary for health.
Communautique is also co-organizing the next Fab City Summit (https://www.facebook.com/FabCityMontreal/). The Fab City proposes a new urban, economic and industrial model allowing cities to produce locally the majority of what they consume, connected to a global network of other cities and territories that are implementing similar strategies. The current pandemic illustrates the need not to depend primarily on globalized just-in-time supply channels, but also to have more redundant and locally controlled resources.
Our announced ambition is to develop the Fab City Montréal prototype in the Central District of Montreal, former Cité de la Mode (Chabanel).

3- Evolution of the model

The visor offered by Communautique is an augmented version based on the open source Proto Shield model from Protohaven, the laser-cut equivalent of the open source Prusa Research 3D printers model. It will be produced at low cost, lightweight, adjustable, reusable and immediately available for delivery to hospitals, clinics and other front-line institutions.

4- Manufacturing method: laser cutting

We were contacted by workers in the health network to raise awareness to the possibility of having a recyclable visor. Being a Fab Lab invested in sustainable development, we were very receptive. We then had valuable information on what could or could not be recyclable in the context of the health sector.
We searched among the solutions entirely using laser cutting and found the Proto Shields model, from Protohaven, based on the PRUSA model.
We made the Proto Shields, during a quick visit to our Lab, with makeshift plastic available on site. We compared it to the visor of the CHUM model, from there we widened it on the sides, and removed a rigging at the bottom of the visor which seemed to us to be of little use and risky.
The frame:

The visor:


5- Manufacturing parameters

Plates Dimension : 13,5'' x 21" for the visor , et 24"X 17" for the frame
Cutting machine : Trotec Speedy 300



6- Materials

Materials may include:
Frame : Colorless PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycolate) 0.06" or 0.04"
Visor : Colorless PETG 0.02 or Clear, Impact Modified Acrylic .018 or Polycarbonate (no laser cutting) (Clear Acrylic Impact Modifiers), depending on market availability
Elastic band : flat, 1 cm, practical and versatile. Example: https://www.amazon.ca/-/fr/dp/B086C38L29/ref=sr_1_3
Properties of colourless PETG:
very good optical properties
very good resistance to chemical agents
transparent, anti-fog and anti-scratch
fitted comfort
reusability possible
very easy to machine and does not require any special precautions
very shock and fire resistant
Properties of the elastic
elastic with knitted buttonhole,
3/4" width
preferably pale color

7- Manufacturing of Face shield parts

1- the Real Size picture file of Face sheild parts stored at file : .../visiereProtection_files/Real-Face-Size.jpg" width="3024" height="2929"
2- Configure the laser cutting machine
Frame =0,06" ep

the Real Size picture file of Face sheild parts stored at file : .../visiereProtection_files/Real-Face-Size.jpg" width="3024" height="2929"


8- Face shield mounting

  Srep 1

  Srep 2

  Srep 3

  Srep 4

  Srep 5

  Srep 6

  Final result:

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