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 Biete Meskel , Lalibela

  1. Biete Meskel Description
  2. Outside of Biete Meskel
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   1- Biete Meskel (House of the Cross) Description
  • Biete Meskel underground monolith church carved into rock. It is located in Lalibela, Ethiopia. The edifice was built during the Kingdom of Axum
  • This is a grotto church, partially carved out of the rock, and whose façade is level with the north wall of the courtyard of Bet Maryam
  • The Ceremonial Drum in Rock-Cut Church
    This drum was in the 13th century rock-cut Ethiopian Christian Orthodox Church of Debre Sina at Lalibela, an important pilgrimage site.
    Drums such as this one, and larger examples, are used in religious ceremonies. Between ceremonies, they are commonly stored on the floor of the church
  • "en Français/French", Biet Meskel est un des onze églises rupestres de Lalibela en Éthiopie, site classé au Patrimoine mondial. Elle fait partie des 6 églises du groupe Nord-Ouest
  1. the Site plan of Group of Churches
       The Northern Group, First Group

    1- Trench.
       2- Tomb of Adamo.
       3- Biete Golgotha Mikael.
       4- Crypts.
       5- Passage to tomb block
    .  6- Ancient subterranean passages.
       7- Entrance to courtyard of Biete Maryam
       8- Biete Meskel
       9- Biete Denagel (Ghel or Virgins)
       10- small pool.
       11- Courtyard of Biete Maryam.
       12- Biete Maryam.
       13- Courtyard of B. Medhane Alem & trenches.
       14- Biete Medhane Alem
  2. the GIS-Layout
    LalibelaLayoutNolegend LalibelaLayoutNolegend2
    FirstGroup-ChurchLayout FirstGroup-ChurchLayout3
  3. the ScreenShots of the 3D Model
    masqual6mio s lalibelaTh
    3D Model 3D Model - composition of diff. models
  4. the 3D Model Viewer
   2- Outside Biete Meskel (House of the Cross)
Finely carved windows  
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